Merry Christmas

Christmas is a liminal place and magic is in the air. If you look up to the stars, who knows what you might see!

Whatever you’re doing this holiday season, I hope you have a good time . I’ll be back in the New Year, with ( Angelics speak reading ) . reborn and ready for another turn around the sun next year.

Merry Christmas!


Knowing Without Knowing: “Sometimes the heart knows in a way that the concrete mind and memory cannot. We feel something that we cannot quite express. Perhaps others are quick to dismiss it as meaningless whimsy or irrationality, yet that feeling beyond the mind’s capacity to fully perceive is the ancient truth of your greater self reaching through time and space to connect with you. Like a phone line extending from a more ancient place in the world, you can hear it crackle perhaps, not the clearest reception, yet you can also sense the love traveling along that telephone line. The things that you feel and that you do not appear to make sense are the things to trust most now. You are being guided by a force far greater than you own mind, an ancient divine brilliance is reacting to you, communicating with you – you may not hear or understand it with clarity as yet, but you can feel it. Trust what you feel.

This message speaks to you of the opening up of your higher mind, of the part of your intelligence that can dialogue directly with the forces of divine guidance and creation. These forces use symbols, abstract communications through dreams and visions, through impulses that circumvent your conscious mind and have words streaming out of your mouth or flowing through your mind that you have not created of your own volition. Someone speaks to you and you respond, with words that you feel you are hearing for the first time as they pour out of your mouth. “Whose words are these?” you wonder. It is your ancient self that speaks. Trust the strange and mysterious at this time. It is another way, an ancient way of wisdom, that you are tapping into now. Enjoy this new sacred connection unfolding. This is also confirmation that you have relationships around you now and continuing to come to you, that are from times long past, karmic connections that will take you further on your journey of love.

I have been here before

Aromas open the doors

I walk through knowing”*

Powerful community

If you have been feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, know that assistance is coming to you. Be receptive to this help, don’t turn it away thinking that you must accomplish everything you set out to do on your own. 

We often take on too much responsibility and shy away from delegating. Then we face resentment when we have spread ourselves too thin. Over the next couple of weeks, you will have help come to you. It may not be in the form you are expecting… but just go with it! Be receptive, do not turn this offer down.

Accepting help does not mean that you are weak or incapable, it only means that you can accomplish more as a team than you can as an individual. Know that whoever comes to your aid is sent by the Universe. Thank them and give up part of your workload willingly. This will open doors you never even thought of, bringing you even more people who will help you. 

You are building or becoming part of a powerful community. This will change everything.


The BEE brings healing

The bee brings you healing medicine-wisdom from nature to aid the message here , The bee is a powerful spirit totem. Bees are able to fly with wings that are significantly small in proportion to their heavier bodies. They can do so because of the sheer speed with which their wings move. Your idea, even if it seems  like a big, substantial plan that might be difficult to ‘get off the ground’ and up and running, can succeed. You will attract great helpers to you and the Earth will support the success of this project, idea or vision, because it is about helping the greater good, as well as your own growth and development. When the Earth Mother lends you nature-wisdom to support your healing and growth, you know you have an exceptionally powerful ally to your cause. Let this bring you confidence.

Allow inspiration to fill you with enthusiasm, an expectation of magic and marvelous synchronicity, as people, situations and opportunities fall into place to help bring your inspiration into reality. This idea has the potential to flower into so much more than you realize. It has great potential. It can become something that feeds and nourishes others on their creative and personal healing paths too. It has the quality of a mission and is so much more than one, singular idea.

When an inspiration comes from the greater creative intelligence of the universe – even when it makes itself known as an idea coming through a human source – all that is needed to bring it into being will be available at the right time. For the human channel of the idea, it is just a matter of being open, receptive, trusting and enthusiastic about what has come through. Everything required for each step will be naturally attracted to support the success of the project according to divine timing. The healing process below will help you to manifest the support needed for your inspiration to take flight.

This also comes with the message that  you are a vehicle for inspiration. You are meant to think and do things differently. You are capable of receiving fresh ideas that are not so ‘out there’ or different that they stop being practical, helpful and wonderful. You are being asked to avoid the trap of doubting your ideas that are special or interesting enough. Your inspiration comes direct from the universal creative source and you are being asked to believe and recognize the signature of great intelligence within your inspirations ideas and creative urges – and to act accordingly. To sum up, this indicates that sweet success, like abundant honey, is coming your way through your commitment to and development of any idea that you have already had or will soon receive. See it through to the end. Bee-lieve!”

Healing Process: “Place your hands in prayer position at your heart or lay them in your lap with palms facing upwards in a gesture of receiving. Say aloud, ‘May my inspired idea be blessed by the creative intelligence and love of this universe. May the perfection of divine timing govern the unfolding of this idea into its most beautiful and fulfilling form. May this idea attract the most nourishing people, situations and opportunities so that is may live out its destiny to make a positive contribution to the world. Through sacred genius, love and grace, so be it.’

When you are ready, sit quietly and say, ‘I commit myself – body, heart, mind and soul – to that which will illuminate me with golden inspiration and uplift me and those around me with love. I am open to receive all the support and protection needed to truly honour this commitment. So be it.’

Rest for a moment to complete your healing process. If you notice imagery of bees, actual bees or people dressed like them (stranger things have happened!) when you are out and about, know that this is the Universe playfully confirming your healing through this message .:!

Something amazing is coming

something amazing is coming your way! Yey to that! Blessings are on their way to your right now, despite whatever may be going on around you. This is confirmation of the deep love and support that the Universe has for you. And who doesn’t love an unexpected gift!

Receptivity is key here and to be in the receptive state, use gratitude. Just keep putting it out there how thankful you are for all that you have and all that you Love. Just how lucky you are to be here, right now, reading this, existing in this crazy, amazing, magical world. During the shift of ages, into new and undiscovered realms.

The beginning of your very own faery tale…


We are the band you dance too

Imagine you are a spark within a Great Mind of Light, fully formed and yet ever improved upon.  You and the other ideas dance together and individually along the pathways of Love in the Intelligence of Harmony.

This image is closer to the Cosmic Truth than that which your human eyes see.  Entertain this image, in playful Peace and Creativity.

                                                                        We are the band you dance to,


The pook

We are in the middle of a transition; a transformation; an ascension. You may be feeling upside down right now, ill at ease, anxious. You may find yourself swinging wildly between seemingly unfounded ecstatic joy and absolute despair. And so it is with these big shifts; you ride the wave as best you can. 

Don’t get sucked in to the illusions of fear. Try to open your heart and open your mind to accept, flow, expand and surrender. Maybe there is another way to see things. Maybe this is a test of sorts, as we sit teetering on the fence between the perceived ‘safety’ of that which we know, and the leap into the unknown. 

The Pook represents our ego selves, always wary, always looking for the next big disaster or the worst case scenario. It is the part of us that projects all that has happened ‘to us’ onto our future situations, holding us back from much needed change. 

Do you want to trick The Pook into giving up it’s game? Then listen very carefully to your heart; what is it trying to tell you? This is your crossroads: you choose to continue to allow the circus of the ego to call the shots, or you find peace within and listen to the guidance of your heart. When you move forward fearlessly in the direction of your heart and Soul, clarity will burn away the chaos and confusion.




Last night I dreamt that I was sat looking at all things magical in my outside space , our Mother Nature and everything else that’s put in our path . How the vibrant colours melded together and for me seeing and meeting the nature / tree sprites when someone came from behind me and said look again , they put a necklace around my neck and everything vanished , he said everything is just but an illusion , this morning as awake I pondered this and asked spirit . What can this mean ,,

My answer was

Dear you , sometimes you feel like no one understands you , you’re not heard , or even that you don’t count , this my dear , is a terrible illusion , and although your feelings tell you that abandonment is real , well , we tell YOU and EVERYONE out there WE who LOVE YOU know better .

YOU are never alone , and even when rejection happens , you are ultimately being protected so better things can replace what wouldn’t have worked in the first place ! everyone on this side of the veil is watching over you and rooting for your ultimate success , life loves you .. WE love you . And you are a unique spark of the divine and always connected to the light and source , you are always in our care . Trust and keep faith . Love you always and forever . Spirit ..

This is so meant for everyone far and wide and a deep message to the feelings at this moment of ALL the world .

this coming month you may receive recognition or an award for your great talents and skills . Focus and keep focusing on anything that involves your passion and you will be greatly rewarded , trust me , your heart is in your work or studies . Your talents are appreciated . Consider taking classes , there’s always more time to learn .

Endings remember are always followed by new beginnings . This may be a welcome relief at what has been a difficult year to many . Embrace a new day and circumstances will get better , don’t put limits on what wonderful things the universe can bestow ,

This month understand the distinction between power and control , you have the power of INTERNAL control , but very little EXTERNAL control over people and situations , the majority of external control is through the power of influence . You can lead by example , every SOUL has their own unique path . It’s not your job to dictate it . Giving advice though or direction in a compassionate manner is the way to go , your SOUL too has a path and you possess the power to control it but you must surrender to the ILLUSION that you have control over another , from time to time your EGO will rise up and demand that things be the way they ( should be )

Envision a hot air balloon being loaded up with all the things you think you need to control , and let them ride away in the balloon , you’ll be surprised to find out that when you release the energy of control and accept the energy of surrender , doors WILL open that you never expected . Because you have now given the universe space in which to materialise what is now needed for your highest soul growth .


Chrysocolla cleanses the pathways between heart and voice—lending much needed conviction to our words. Know that sensation: “If I only had the words, I could break through this sticky reality?” You do have them. They’re just stuck. Chyrsocolla revitalizes still waters, revealing wisdom held in the shadowy depths and empowering its expression.

Chrysocolla’s brilliant blue-green formations occur when silica meets copper and water. A stone associated with monasticism, Chyrsocolla can alleviate the anxiety and sense of isolation associated with an inward looking, meditative life. Be your own best friend. Be your own confidant. Be your own ride-or-die. Be your own salt water cure. Let in Chrysocolla and let heart power wash over you. Seriously. Doesn’t it feel good to be clean?

In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️



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Everyone and everything

everyone and everything shows you where your trust is at, where your faith is at and where you are at, in general.

Change your views . your judgements, your expectations, your pictures, your stigmas… and watch everyone and everything morphe, for the better. This isn’t about you and one other person. It’s about the relationships you are creating with all. Ultimately, this allows you to see the benevolence of all that is and all that is you. See how it’s all connected?

Shine on