The pook

We are in the middle of a transition; a transformation; an ascension. You may be feeling upside down right now, ill at ease, anxious. You may find yourself swinging wildly between seemingly unfounded ecstatic joy and absolute despair. And so it is with these big shifts; you ride the wave as best you can. 

Don’t get sucked in to the illusions of fear. Try to open your heart and open your mind to accept, flow, expand and surrender. Maybe there is another way to see things. Maybe this is a test of sorts, as we sit teetering on the fence between the perceived ‘safety’ of that which we know, and the leap into the unknown. 

The Pook represents our ego selves, always wary, always looking for the next big disaster or the worst case scenario. It is the part of us that projects all that has happened ‘to us’ onto our future situations, holding us back from much needed change. 

Do you want to trick The Pook into giving up it’s game? Then listen very carefully to your heart; what is it trying to tell you? This is your crossroads: you choose to continue to allow the circus of the ego to call the shots, or you find peace within and listen to the guidance of your heart. When you move forward fearlessly in the direction of your heart and Soul, clarity will burn away the chaos and confusion.



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