All IS well

Many people just now are praying for help from the angels but they are unsure if their prayers have been heard. The angels are saying that they have heard your prayers, however we can miss hearing the angels as their guidance is very subtle. The angels messages are very gentle and they won’t scare you . They also won’t intervene in your life without  you asking for their help.

Angel guidance can come in the form of strong gut feelings, a dream, a warm feeling in the heart, goosebumps confirming something, an overheard conversation which feels like it was made for you or knowing something without knowing how you know.

Having faith and trusting in divine timing is something that a lot of people find difficult. Its easy to ask for help but letting it go and having to wait is not always so easy as we don’t know when our prayers are going to be answered.

When you go into a restaurant and order a meal, you let the waiter go knowing that your meal will come. You don’t then follow the waiter into the kitchen asking ‘Have you got my order? Can i give it to you again?’  You know that your meal is going to come, it might come in ten minutes, or twenty minutes or you might have to wait for half an hour but you have faith that your meal will come.  Its the same with manifesting.

Ask and it is Given. Your prayers will be answered. The angels say to ask them to buoy your faith.

Ask Archangel Michael to help prevent you from becoming fearful. By saying to the universe that you want something is like saying  ‘I don’t have it’. When manifesting always affirm you already have your desire Now. This will draw it closer to you more quickly. The law of attraction is powerful so watch your thoughts and keep positive.

All is Well.


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