BE grateful in ADVANCE

            When your responsibilities to Universe and to the Best of your Self, become more important to you than anything else, much of what you focus on will change.  When your Love for Source becomes greater than any human relationship of love, your perspectives and experiences will rise to a new level of wonder and expectation.  Human love will then mean much less to you on a material level, but more to you on a recognition of the Godliness of every individual spirit identity.

            as these changes occur, all that has meant so much before will shift in your consciousness.  Even more drastically than learning to walk, or going through adolescence, the Spiritual Knowing of who you are will change your entire Divine Understanding of Life.

            Be grateful in advance that you have always been Guided within by Loving Soul, and that you will always be, and are, even now.  Practice Gratefully turning to It, as all that you see and know seems to change around you.

                                                            You are changing from within,  and it is Good,


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