Peace / balance / world healing

This is the Sanskrit word for universal peace and the sound brings balance and peace. Feel the symbol dissolve into your crown and move through all the chakras to the root… say “Om” and visualize the symbol again and again… till a feel of peace and balanced is received.

Now you are going to release this energy to the world:

Raise your hands outstretched to shoulder height and visualize the symbol “Reiki-Rainbows”.

This ancient symbol is also know as Indalo light found it many different cultures around the world and is a sign of the Shaman who can read the signs in the world around them to predict the weather and future events.

It is a symbol of openness and embracing all. Feel the energy connect from palm to palm in a rainbow arch over your crown and send this symbol now out into the world in an ever wider rainbow arch that expands from you to assist in world healing and peace in your lifetime.


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