You have a unique purpose and destiny that only YOU can fulfill . But first , you need to know that destiny isn’t a destination . You don’t arrive at some special place where —- POOF! — your perfect and happy all the time , it’s about establishing and firming up a commitment to a certain experience , whatever form that takes , your SOUL knows what you need to experience .

Your destiny is to be present to all of life’s adventures , to discover your talents and full potential through allowing inspiration to lead you , and to risk standing apart from the crowd to listen to your soul . YOU are special as much as you are also ONE with the world – individual – yet part of a great whole . Both truths have led you to this moment where WE are saying you ARE on the right track , even if your EGO self doesn’t see that , listen to your soul . Check in with spirit , keep going !

this month HOLD ON tight , things are now moving into high gear . Past delays are nearly over and plans start to manifest with swiftness and energy , you may have felt caught off guard as activities beyond control have taken over lately and felt a little overwhelmed but it feels good doesn’t it to move forward and see dreams coming true ,

Suddenly , you have a lot of things going on . Too many balls in the air ? , stay grounded . Your messages are received positively right now , embrace the spotlight .

When struggling with a decision , you have conflicting emotions of thoughts about which way to move on but intuitively you know exactly what to do . Have faith in your own wisdom and move forward !

You are constantly being presented with situations that enable you to develop your inner wisdom and assist you in advancing to higher levels of understanding . The lesson is to be aware of these events and recognise them for what they are . To live a mindful life is not only about respecting and honouring those around you , but it is also about recognising every person and circumstance on your path as a teacher . The constant chatter and diversions on earth can distract you from the sign posts that spirit has left on your path . Take time to be aware of the bountiful wisdom that has been laid before you , acknowledge these gifts and take them to heart as you continue in this physical dimension . Don’t look at the opportunities that you THINK you need , instead , notice the opportunities that are given .

Our body’s are not meant to exist forever , but the energy and consciousness that inhabited your body is free and returns to its natural home . But will never abandon you . Learn to view this as merely a change __ everything must change because stagnancy extinguishes progress . The same is true for relationships – careers ect ..

move beyond the point of familiarity and expand into new horizons of learning and development . This is a wonderful time to thank those other souls in your life who have shared part of your path and taught you so much .

It’s so easy to give away the power to transform your life . Certainly , there have been people along your path who have shaped you into who you are today , but you are solely responsible for your own happiness .


For those who feel we live in especially dark times, Danburite can lead us toward the light, accessing those dreamy, brighter realms unmarred by the 24-hour news cycle, , and even grosser politicians. For those of us feeling the soul crush of life under a fluorescent bulb, there’s a purer, restorative light source out there. You just have to know where to look for it. And, Danburite can help.

A stone for the spiritual seeker, Danburite helps us flip the switch on the crown chakra and illuminate the “up there”: sky, distant galaxies, where the angels at. In meditation, Danburite can help us float in the vastness, the infinite, and the pure joy of feeling buoyed up by limitless space. This sensation can be just the medicine we need when we find ourselves bound up in a cynical rut or mired in moody malaise.

For purposes of deep relaxation, Danburite plays nice with uber chill stones like Lithium Quartz and Lepidolite. We like to think of Danburite as a tuning fork for the divine instrument that is your unique soul. Set an intention to get your spirit healthy with Danburite and mind and body are sure to follow.

In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️



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  1. “You are constantly being presented with situations that enable you to develop your inner wisdom and assist you in advancing to higher levels of understanding .” Indeed, well said!


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