Source can delight in your delight

You know the joy of giving someone you love something that they would truly appreciate and love, whether it is an object or an experience.  You delight in watching as they receive it, and then seeing them enjoy it and perhaps they share the intrigue of it with others.  That piece of pottery or perfect tool or skiing lesson or quilting experience, etc. becomes a memory, a bonding, a way of relating.

            We assure you that it is even more true for Source , wanting you to fully receive and use and enjoy and grow with, the Divine Gifts that are given you.  Assess your own heart callings, and ask directly “What are the gifts you have given me?”

            Perhaps you hear “Art is the heart I have given you.”  Perhaps you hear that teaching is the talent that uplifts Soul in you, or being a mediator of Harmony, or a creator of solutions.  Spirit may have installed many Gifts in your Life Force, or a few that change over time, but be assured that Your Creator adores giving your unique Self these offerings, so that you can delight in them and Source can delight in your delight.

            Talk to Us about it, and open and explore your Gifts.  You may surprise yourself with what new or old thing you can enjoy, and that gives Joy to others as well.


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