Love triumphs

          Your Conscious Self has a choice each morning, each hour, each moment.

            You stand before two rooms of thought.  One is filled with thoughts of sadness or annoyance, or helplessness, and a sense of aloneness, or discomfort, or self pity and complaints and criticisms, etc.  The other room of thought holds words of interest and curiosity and optimism and inventiveness and generosity and endurance and creativity and hopefulness, or faith and peacefulness, etc.

            Which room do you want to walk into?  If you even step near the room of Light and positivity, Divine Love will help you.  The Divine Law of Harmony Will Help you.

            If, from desire or habit, or focus on materiality or reviewing your human problems again and again, you linger in the other room or chose it again and again, Source will patiently wait for you to ask,

 “Help me to the other room.  Carry me to Peace and Wholeness of Being.  Awaken me,

Even a tiny indication of willingness for this to be your time of enlightenment will bring Loving Spirit rushing to your mind to assist you.

                                                                                                And Love Triumphs,


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