Become the way

The New consciousness is a choice. It is not something that is going to descend upon you, and it is not something that you will be forced into. It is not a snowstorm that you are caught in, and it is not something that may feel tangible to many. It is a shifting of perception. It requires action and commitment. It is deciding that We are capable of making a difference in this world and not getting sucked into the downward spiral. It is choosing joy over suffering; in the face of that very suffering. It is Trust and Faith that the Universe is abundant and that it will Always provide. It is knowing that we are worthy of this shift, and that the Earth needs us as much as we need her to complete the ascension , an opportunity to awaken to the illusion we have been trapped in. It is a way to shed the limitations put upon us many lifetimes ago. It takes courage and strength to make the decision to move forward fearlessly.

Become the Truth.

Become the Way.

Become the Light.

Welcome to Christ Consciousness, Dear One. The time is Now.


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