**************ANGELS MESSAGE FOR MONTH JULY/2020************

… EXPECT miracles to emerge “.

By releasing our fears wonders await to unfold around you . Watch for them and EMBRACE, some come in unlikely forms . TRUST at this time that all IS unfolding for your highest good .

The more aware you realise magic around you unfolding the more they will grow in magnitude ,cherish and celebrate when they appear no matter how small they seem . What some see as ordinary … universe sees as wondrous .look at life in a new way and ALLOW creator / universe to solve challenges for you . All IS well .

Remember too for new growth to occur , the old must be cleared away … .. breathe ~~ enJOY … LET GO of what doesn t serve you ..if you don’t love it or use it , most likely its clutter .. use water to cleanse your energy field .. stand in shower ,, swim in sea or a run in the rain ..

Knowledge is learnt but wisdom is the divine prompting within you , angel guidance here is to connect to your still, quiet centre and listen to wisdom of your soul . Then take decisions and act from your own infinite self .

With wisdom life takes on a whole new perspective , as drama around you and fears become insignificant in comparison with the magnificence of the overall picture .

Walk your path in life as one of the wise ones and all will respect you . Trust the higher forces of life , to KNOW what is best for you and remember when you are asked to wait . You are being prepared always for bigger and better things ahead than you expected . Relax and take stock.

Ask you angel to enfold you during this waiting period so that you can listen .remember doors will open when time is right ..

UNIVERSE always has something exciting to share . You are a manifesting master and most don’t even know it . There will always be enough of everything in your life that you need . Money .. opportunities . Kindness.. love . Whatever you ask guidance about have faith and be open . SPIRIT has your back , the UNIVERSE is always reflecting back to you what you BELIEVE, whenever you fall into insecurity you,ll be shown an illusion as if your fear were real , the truth is the universe is abundant . You are and always have been enough, abundance is your natural state of BEing , if you can imagine something consistently as TRUTH, then you CAN and WILL create it .. simple ..

You are soooooo on the right path right now ,. Keep believing . Then the seeing HAPPENS ..

when you feel like no one understands you and you are not been heard or even that you don’t count .. that is an illusion .although your feeling may tell you it’s real . Universe who loves you knows better are not alone .you are ultimately being protected so that better things can replace what wouldn’t have worked .. everyone on this side of the veil is watching over you and rooting for you and your success . Life loves you … universe loves you .. you are a unique spark connected to light and to source .

Light beings more and more from the astral and on earth are helping with connections with understanding and to share divine love ..lady Venus is a wonderful connector of light to call on when you need to connect to the heavens or find if difficult to understand the signs . Symbols and guidance that are being sent through meditation , she allows us to connect or focus on particular energies so we understand more ..make that choice to be the person you are meant to BE towards that happier future . Don’t put limits on what the universe can give you , cast your net wide and see what fantastic opportunities you can catch , there is onLy .. UP .. this is a successful time ..

Positive thinking is essential now ..regret is wasted emotion and wasted energy .turn you attention on only amazing possibilities ahead ..if you have unpleasant dreams at this time ..write them in a journal .bless them for their desire to inform you and send them on their way to the angels .

Use your intuition on all aspects of life … your SOUL that is YOU is SPIRIT manifest in this physical dimension . You may feel limited by restrains on your body but your connection to universe is always available . Remember you are always guided and only need to ask . VIsualise any decisions in your life as a fork in the road . How does your body react when you imagine yourself down each path? At first glance , it may look easy but you feel anxiety and a heavy heart ! Another path may be more difficult to walk , but the destination will feel light and calm. When you silence your MInd and really listen to your intuition , the signposts will always be obvious ..


You are always wrapped in wings of pure love ,trust in divine plan. Bless it and every person and every situation. You attract to you only what is in your consciousness.. with love ,honour yourself . Take time to enJOY all the blessings of the world around you .. and love yourself as angels do ..

CRYSTAL OF MONTH IS Rutilated Quartz ..

personal transformation.

Just like Clear Quartz,

Rutilated Quartz has the ability to generate and amplify energies and to hold memories. Rutilated Quartz crystals are active record keepers and witnesses to the evolution of the planet and Consciousness. What makes this different is that every Rutile fibers that has been naturally sealed within the Quartz can each conduct or flow energy on its own.

For many people that makes Rutilated Quartz feel as though it is Quartz on steroids. In some ways this is true. In others it actually feels as if it limits some of the abilities of the Quartz. you are trying to amplify your intentions, Rutilated Quartz can significantly add to the amplification.

On the other hand, if you are working with Rutilated Quartz to do some types of energetic extraction or healing, the Rutile may actually interfere or distort the process. Crystals radiate energy based on shapes. For example, a sphere radiates its energy in all directions equally (as a lightbulb gives off light) while a wand directs its energy out of one of the tips or point (like a laser or beam of light). So, in either of these forms if your desire is to have the energy radiate based on the form of the crystal and if it has Rutile fibers, you may find some of the energy being directed along the lines of the Rutile fibers versus the intended direction or type of energetic flow.

Additionally, you will see Rutilated Quartz in Clear, Smokey, Amethyst and/or Citrine and the Rutile itself can be in a range of colors: black, brown, red, gold or copper. Pay heed to what draws your attention as each one of these can have its own unique energies. Follow your intuition when it comes to this or any type of crystal you are drawn to!

In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️



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