The JOY of creativity is being fully experienced by many

           The Joy of Creativity is being fully experienced by many now.  Counting the Blessing of what one has and what truly matters is expanding gratitude now.  The upliftment of satisfaction that giving provides is being experienced by many who rarely pause to give when they are in a mad dash of busyness.

            Spirit as Teacher, and Repairer of Soul, is thrilled to use these openings of Joy, these avenues of Light into the heart, to reach individuals that have been so limited by the routines and assumptions that no new sprouts of Infinite Love could grow.

            Water these new sprouts with your silent prayers of Love, and not only will Delightful Awareness of the One Life of All expand, but Truths of Wholeness and Well-Being will be floated on to the shared experience of earth.

            Consciousness Omnipotent is present. Help It Help to speed up the Awakening of all. Help It to Help you all Heal.


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