You may be feeling bombarded from every side right now. Trying not to spread yourself too thin, yet so much to do and each moment seems accounted for before it even happens. This is when overwhelm kicks in and we can find ourselves feeling over emotional about things that we may not normally feel emotional about.

It’s vital right now to commit to carving out some time to just Be. Just breathe. Take a break, even for a few moments at a time to put things in perspective How many of these issues are just drama, and what is the root of it all, way down in the depths?

Take a few breaths and imagine yourself, barefoot, at the edge of the lake in the picture above, or your favourite lake. Close your eyes and breathe in the smell of the lake; misty, dewy and fragrant. Feel the trees, the plants and the animals all around you, lending you their strength and stillness. Take a step forward and put your feet in the lake, feeling the cool, crisp, invigorating water all around your feet. You might decide that you want to keep walking and eventually swim, or you may contemplate your reflection in the lake, asking it what you need right now, using it as a window to your higher self. Whatever feels right to you. If you are swimming you could dive down into the surprisingly clear water, feeling young and free and energized. Amazed at how long you can hold your breath for, or maybe finding that you can breathe under this water, you swim deeper and deeper, feeling completely safe and secure. Down at the bottom of the lake, there is a message written in the sand, just for you. As you get closer you can read it as the sun beams right down into the water. What is your message? Send a blessing to the lake, and gratitude for the message, and begin to leisurely swim back up to the surface. As you swim up to the surface, you realize how much lighter you feel, for with each kick and each stroke, you shed some of the stress and worry that has been weighing you down lately. All transmuted into the lake, in exchange for this new lightness of being. You break through the surface feeling like a completely new person. Revitalized, replenished, capable, strong and liberated. As you reach the shore, you know that this lake is always here for you, always willing to assist you to process any of the emotions that feel heavy or dense. Looking back at the lake, you lift your palms to the sky and take a few more long, slow, deep breaths. Knowing in your heart that you are transformed.

Smiling. From the inside, out.

Take time to re- group . Retreating from the world for some has been stressful and for others a time to slow down and magical . Don’t rush back into action . Enjoy the meditation when you feel exhausted by it all . ALLOW. Yourself more time . Take these last few months the end of any stressful periods . It gave you more time to make important choices . Remember this . Evaluate now the way events have transpired in order for you to learn valuable lessons for your future .

The common saying , : be in the world but not of it ; And. : wear the world loosely : Refer to the need to be engaged with life while not being attached to specific outcomes , Do NOT take this world to personally , for you are one of many co- creators here to play — and we have many ideas about how all this should play out , just KNOW the outcomes don’t matter as much as the presence you bring to each experience and how you let yourself flow through life ,

There’s a real freedom in KNOWing and accepting this . Will you wear the world loosely or will it straitjacket you ?

It is always your choice . Whatever happens , have the courage to keep trying to live as you are always meant to . When it comes to manifesting . Don’t worry about the HOW or even the WHY . we have you covered . Everything is going to turn up exactly as it should .

We on the other side have one other thing to declare . LOVE is the answer to literally EVERYTHING . everything alive in the world was first created by love . Spirit sends love to animate life and birth it into existence . Love is without conditions and is based in reverence and a fierce And joyful respect for life . Love thrives when you focus on it . We want you to turn away from anything that causes you to wane .

Love is when you no longer see yourself as ( other ), separate from . Better or less than . Ect . When you act as love . You give permission to the world to thrive and grow as it will .. LOVE is waiting for you always and forever .

The outcomes of ALL choices is determined by two emotions . Fear and love . Your SOUL is made of the energy of love .

Fear is the energy of earthly manifestations of a challenge . To embrace and wallow in fear is to go against your very BEing . HuMan life can be very difficult but acknowledging that your Souls true nature is love will always help you on your path . View fear as a teacher . What lessons are you learning from these fearful emotions . The more you use the energy of LOVE to defuse fear the less often they will present themselves .

Examine any fears . Release them and do not let them become DIS-EASE


This is a powerful message from Fluorite to get back on track on our spiritual path. This is not about accolades, or about impressing anyone, it is about standing in our own authenticity and allowing our unique light to shine through in everything we do. It is not about holding back, it is not about editing or compromising ourselves, it is about perseverance in the face of adversity. Rising above the drama, and continuing on our path, no matter what. It is about following our hearts; painting our dreams in realtime. Creating through our thoughts. Taking care of our bodies. Connecting with Mother Gaia. And seeing all the blessings that surround us every single day.

And wearing, holding, meditating with or placing a Fluorite under your pillow would be perfect. Choose the colour that resonates with you, or a rainbow Fluorite to cover all your bases. They are affordable and gorgeous, bringing clarity and cleansing the astral body.


In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️

Jan ( angel falls )

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