We sit with you quietly

learning to softly repeat favorite inspirations or songs while doing chores can make task-time a smoothly sacred time. And that helps create a Constant Consciousness of the Oneness you dwell within.

            But, to truly hear what Universe wishes to say to you for this particular day or a certain situation, it is usually best to be completely quiet and still.  Set aside the chewing or drinking, turn off the music or chanting, set aside the bodily senses, and just be very quiet and still and listen to It speaking to you.

            It is always speaking in some way or another, and as you ask to be enabled to hear clearly, and practice listening, you will hear, you will hear,

Source/ universe is eager to share Wisdom and Love, to shine them into the human and shine away the darkness.  Be still, listen, and give the Light full opportunity to enlighten you, and to illumine all that is around you.

                                                            We stand with you.  We sit with you, softly.


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