Raise your vibration

The best way to communicate with your guides is to schedule at least a few minutes every day of undisturbed, quiet time. During this time, you can meditate, go outside, write, listen to music or have a sea salt bath. It is important to still your mind, releasing any thoughts which can distract you and concentrate on your breathing to ground and center your physical body. If meditation is daunting to you, you can try doing it at night, under the stars where you can more easily communicate with the Cosmos. Biaural beats can also be very helpful in facilitating a meditative state and enhancing your “cosmic connection.”

As we raise our vibration and our consciousness, we are capable of bringing more Universal Wisdom in from Source. This information is based in foundation of Christ Consciousness; Divine Love. When we are ready, we will become vessels for this information, and we will start, finally to see our true Soul purpose. To choose love. To see the connection in all that is. To teach love and to experience love in every moment. It will be like jumping into a river of light and floating in the Milky Way of love. Bliss.

Are you ready?


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