Golden eggs


Many people can’t visualize a prayer, or the energy. Some think they have to use some elusive exact words to capture God’s ear. Not so, I chose huge golden eggS. I filled these eggS with God’s golden healing energy and love, added tons of courage and strength, and then tossed in a magical, hidden divine elixir that continually refills the eggS as it is drawn upon.

Now when friends ask for prayers I tell them that I am sending them this ginormous egg that will permanently sit over their home. They can lie down and draw from it at any time. They can draw God’s/Spirit’s love, healing energy, and courage to continue.

As you read these words, you’re manifesting this egg above your dwelling. Use it as your imagination directs you to do: for healing; to carry you forward; or as a tool to help your loved ones.

Teach your friends about the golden egg, and send it to their homes. May God’s golden raindrops flood your life and the lives of your loved ones.

And most importantly, visualize golden eggs above war torn countries, above hospitals, over schools, and over your government buildings. Unlimited. Your imagination to change the world and your life is unlimited. You are amazing! Namaste ✨🙏

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