Stay in constant contact with your angels

Never despair that you are not where you would like to be in your spiritual journey, for you, are exactly where you must be. To achieve a higher consciousness, we can work towards raising our vibration, strengthening our connection to ourselves and thus the Divine, and taking time to immerse ourselves in the spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga that will help us reach the next level. There is no right or wrong; you are on the path that you need to be on. When you open yourself up to be receptive; slowing down is actually key. Breathing, feeling, listening and watching for signs, messages and synchronicity in your life. Expanding your horizons by opening yourself to learning experiences and reaching out past your comfort zone to meet new people, you will activate the law of attraction and start to manifest your dreams.

Stay in constant contact with your angels and the Divine. Live in a constant state of gratitude. Breathe fresh air, listen to the birds, enjoy the company of your loved ones. Take a break from technology and play with a pet or child. Take a sea salt bath with your favourite crystals. Find joy in the mundane, and you will find within it, the key to infinite possibility…. namaste ✨🙏❤️

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