Remember. That ALL is spirit

Here I am. Here I am. I hear you always. please remember that I not only see and understand the True Heart of you, and the time-bound dream that you have projected over enduring Creation, I also see what others are seeing, and believing in their own hearts. These mixed projections, and the sublime Beauty of all that God made, together are what you experience as your everyday world. But remember that all is Spirit, and all is truly under the Loving Order of Goodness, and that I do and will help you sort out what is best for the holy and good and blessings of the Soul of all. Trust Me. Trust Me, and look back and see how much you have evolved in spiritual understanding and in confidence in your Maker, and make the resolve to go forth with calm Joy. I am here, and I am with you, and we walk together through the maze of time, letting Joy carry you, and I, and all, to Clarity. So Good to be with you, SPIRIT

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