All go through a soul journey

       It is very obvious to you that others have human stories in common with you, so that when you are celebrating or grieving, or just learning the best way to eat a piece of fruit, you know you are not alone.

            What is not so apparent is that each and every individual goes through a soul journey and a spiritual unfolding.  Some speak about it or write about it, but many do not.  Yet, if you remember that absolutely everyone goes through it and grows and examines and reveals more and more of their Spiritual nature, you can feel in community with all.  Whether or not you feel comfortable sharing your personal spirit story, know that you are not alone, and that as you feel more of your own Life and Love it helps all.

            When you are praying for your own Best Self to come forward, you are actually also praying for the uplifting of many.  Praying aligns you with Goodness.  Praying brings forth more Goodness for all.


                                                            Many are in step with you, near and far.

                                                                        We are always with you.


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