Walking with you in higher love

Do not raise yourself from your bed each day without putting your thoughts and feelings on expecting Good, expecting the evidence of Love’s manifestation, in the day to come.

            And if you have awakened with unsettled dreams or images in your mind, or human emotions of anger or resentment or sorrows of any kind, then invite Divine Love to fill your heart with the fullness of Life, with the Higher Appreciation of Life.  Divine Truth IS the tide of Love that raises up all human-bound thoughts, and if you ask It to raise you up, and be willing to have it raise up all those around you whom you might be feeling unforgiving toward, It will do so.  Love will raise up all.  Love will raise up your thoughts about yourself, and about all others.

            Love Loves all of you.  Recognize that, and be willing to let It tutor and raise you, It is ready, able and willing to do so, gently and lovingly, and completely.  It wants to do so.  Are you ready to allow that, and to help It help you find Joy?

            Affirm and welcome this each day before you leave your bed, your room, your house.  We will be with you all the day, then, walking with you in a Higher Love.



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