We guide you gently

There are reasons for looking back sometimes, when you are learning to appreciate and understand . Today, try to realize how tenderly We have watched over your progress of all Good, by what It has prevented, or steered you away from.


            Think about the job you did not get, or the house you did not buy, or the relationship that faded away, or the infatuation with a pursuit that did not last.  Even a road detour that inconvenienced you or a adventure or growth in spiritual sight.  Not every mishap that occurs, or error of human sight that brings pain, is a corrective device  from Guardian Spirit for your Best Path.  But We know you can think of some of them, that you now see, were an opening to give you the better home, the greater Love, the more appropriate school or work place, or even just a view that raised your Joy for a day.

            Be willing to trust that As We intend and direct your happy Spiritual awakening, and will offer way after way for you to willingly allow it.  Approach each choice and reaction with that careful listening to Inner Love, to best choose each path and reaction.

            Spirit offers a constant Well of Calm and Wisdom and Hopeful Love to you.  Make good use of them, and learn to trust that what you DO NOT get will open the door to something better.

                                                We guide you gently but powerfully if you let Us


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