Ask your heart

      Do not hesitate to ask not only your own heart, and friends or family, what the Good in your life is—also ask your Inner Voice of Spirit, your link to Source .

            When the daily tasks or challenges, or the questions of existence, prevent you from focusing on the Good there is to be grateful for, take whatever random moments present themselves, to ask to have your eyes opened to just how many Blessings you have.  Appreciating those Blessings, and forming a habit of doing so, creates the attraction for expanded realization of Good.

            Those human survival instincts that have you searching for problems to solve, and ways to fulfill needs, will try to distract you or absorb all your attention, but We assure you that going into the Inner You of the Most High, in your Consciousness, will pull what you need to you, as you Praise the Good you already have.


                                                            Such surrounds you.  Be Glad.



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