When you know that the wall clock in the kitchen runs a little slow, and the clock in the meditation room does not work at all, and that last night’s dream took you vividly back to when a favorite pet was alive, you can feel a sense of disconnect to “time and place”.

            Embrace that feeling!  Purposefully give yourself days or hours or activities that free you from a sense of being jailed by time.  Turn your attention aside when people or ads or memories of old experiences try to tell you that certain ills or advantages or changes come with certain ages or hours.  All have experienced the sensation or time moving faster or slower in certain situations or with certain people, but to really uplift the Self, it is important to give yourself the gift of stepping outside of time.

            Make a day each week that you carry no timepiece.  Or take a portion of each day when you claim the right to feel the timeless realm of Now, to experience the boundlessness , that is Love, that has not the limits that “time” seems to place on one.

            It is always now, and you always dwell within Love.  

            Timeless Divine Love Holds you.  Let It.  Be free.



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