The angels message


WE are sending so much waves of love and joy as we watch you reap the rewards of your tenacity and faith , we know how long it has taken for you to reach some of your goals and that you’ve had disappointments along the way . Right now we suggest you take a deep breath and fill yourself up with gratitude , tune into the vibration of well- being . Temporary conditions may be trying to hypnotise you into seeing something else as your reality , we know though that happy rewards are on their way to you even now , change is the only constant , so be open to it . You will achieve your dreams and more we promise . But more important is your happy rewards will be gathered up in the small moments . The gentle breezes , the soft kisses , and the quiet commitments . Your happiest moments will be on the journey itself , not in arriving at any destination , this WEEK ALLOW your awareness to settle in , hear them whispers and encouragement to you , the receiver for this kind of knowing is your intuition , which is not your sixth sense but your first — the navigational system of your SOUL , you are entering the age of consciousness , it’s time to accept that the paranormal is normal, human beings are multisensory , multidimensional beings . Spirit infuses all things , and your souls job is to discover essential truths here on earth where we all agreed to play , today, trust your spider sense , read between the lines , tune into the many stories , and your world will show you miracles , spirit loves you . TIME to pump up the music . Bang the drums , get on up and start that hustle towards your goals and dreams , there are times to be still but this is not one of them , now is the time to make that first move , say YES to life , pick up the phone , make that decision and take that one step forward towards the gods , ( or us ) expect a cascade of good news ( changes) and opportunities to show up as if by MAGIC! . .. we know it’s really spirit don’t we , moving things around for your benefit , go for it , take positive action towards your dreams .

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