Walk with appreciation

            If you let yourself realize that walking with No attitude each day can be as delightful and intriguing as walking with an appreciative young child, or a guest who has never seen your town before, then you can expect each day to hold Good experiences or realizations.  Approach each task and hour and thought with a Substance of Grace or Wonder or Joy in your heart and you will observe how many small miracles occur in each day, and how much chance to grow in Understanding of Love expands in your thoughts.

            Yes, it may seem that you are just going to the same job, or in the same house, or on familiar roads or trails, but you are new each day, all around you is new in some way each day.  awareness reveals new Creation in every moment, as the awakening of humanity unfolds.

            You are living in an amazing time.  See it with fresh eyes each day, and be a vehicle of illumination for yourself and all, as well as simply having more joy.




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