Hold on to the rush

When we focus only on what is missing in our lives we block possibility. tapping into creative potential opens us up to inspiration, which is a direct connection to our higher selves. Inspiration raises our vibration and it is one of the clearest ways to know that you are on the right path. It’s the feeling that you get when the Angels applaud your feelings and actions, when you are fully plugged in to your higher self and are channeling your gifts in to the present time; surpassing fear and doubt knowing full well that your gift must be shared with the world.

Inspiration fires up all your neurons; you feel like every cell in your body is tingling and vibrating at a higher frequency. Hold on to the rush! Harness that energy and be unstoppable, don’t let anyone or anything distract you or get in your way. Taking the time to be creative can be tricky. Do you give yourself the time you need to get creative? We arrange meetings, play dates for our kids, dates with our spouses, why not a date with creativity? Sign up for a course or class, take some time to yourself to write, paint, make jewelry, or do whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing. Align with the intention to share your unique talents with the world, and watch abundance flowing to, through and all around you.


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