Miracles NEVER run out

miracles never run out . Look back over your life and you will see so many moments of synchronicity when all the right people . The right place, the right opportunities . And the right time just showed up without any of your help . Think back to how you felt just before a miracle happened , you felt you were giving up . But it was more like a gentle surrender to whatever was about to happen ,

We want you to know that miracles are being concocted for YOU. And you will never , ever run out of them . you just don’t get to choose how they come . Who will deliver them . When they will show up . And what they will do for you . All of they is our department ,

Spirit knows what is best for you and what wants to be expressed through you . You are incredible and amazing and a magnet for miracles , that would be a good mantra for you today .

We’re on it


If only you knew how much you were loved …..

Sigh xxxx

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