Knowing without knowing

Knowing Without Knowing: “Sometimes the heart knows in a way that the concrete mind and memory cannot. We feel something that we cannot quite express. Perhaps others are quick to dismiss it as meaningless whimsy or irrationality, yet that feeling beyond the mind’s capacity to fully perceive is the ancient truth of your greater self reaching through time and space to connect with you. Like a phone line extending from a more ancient place in the world, you can hear it crackle perhaps, not the clearest reception, yet you can also sense the love traveling along that telephone line. The things that you feel and that you do not appear to make sense are the things to trust most now. You are being guided by a force far greater than you own mind, an ancient divine brilliance is reacting to you, communicating with you – you may not hear or understand it with clarity as yet, but you can feel it. Trust what you feel.

This message speaks to you of the opening up of your higher mind, of the part of your intelligence that can dialogue directly with the forces of divine guidance and creation. These forces use symbols, abstract communications through dreams and visions, through impulses that circumvent your conscious mind and have words streaming out of your mouth or flowing through your mind that you have not created of your own volition. Someone speaks to you and you respond, with words that you feel you are hearing for the first time as they pour out of your mouth. “Whose words are these?” you wonder. It is your ancient self that speaks. Trust the strange and mysterious at this time. It is another way, an ancient way of wisdom, that you are tapping into now. Enjoy this new sacred connection unfolding. This is also confirmation that you have relationships around you now and continuing to come to you, that are from times long past, karmic connections that will take you further on your journey of love.

I have been here before

Aromas open the doors

I walk through knowing”*

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