AFFIRMATION* I feel good when I can help others **

One of the most evolved GIFTS that a SOUL possesses is giving of itself .

There is a reason why it feels good to give —- it is because YOUR soul reasonates with that vibration .

Your Soul should be aware that it might currently be in a situation in which it needs to be fulfilled on. “higher levels “.

And this can only happen through the attribute of humbly serving and supporting others .

Put yourself in a position in which you can benefit another SOUL in any way possible and demonstrate unconditional love towards others , this might mean bringing yourself into your “ heart space “ and letting everything you involve yourself in come from an attitude of giving freely .

You have to learn to direct your “ green – heart-light energy through all your thoughts , actions, and deeds .

look around and see where and how you can serve another , perhaps one way would be to ask A friend over . Maybe volunteer to watch over someone . Make a meal for someone , volunteer in a hospital or hospice . Whatever makes your heart happy .

Remember too that miracles NEVER run out . Look back over your life and you will see so many moments of synchronicity when all the right people . The right places . The right opportunities and the right time just showed up without any of your help , think back to how you felt just before a miracle occurred / happened . You may have felt you were giving up but it was more like a gentle surrender to whatever was about to happen .

We angels / guides want you to know that miracles are being concocted for you and you will never , ever , run out of them . You just don’t get to choose how they come . Who will deliver them , when they will show up . And what they will do for you . All of that is YOUR department . SPIRIT knows what is best for YOU and what wants to be expressed through you . Remember always that YOU are INCREDIBLE and AMAZING and a magnet for MIRACLES , that would be a good mantra for you today .. on it .. RELAX ..

When you are too focused on what you DONT have, you create a “ lack” Reality and through the law of attraction , help is always close by but sometimes pessimism prevents you from recognising, it’s time to reassess your thoughts . In meantime it’s important that you care for your physical and emotional health

The angels say you have every reason to feel hope and happy expectations this month ahead .. go on …. wish upon a star … believe in your dreams and look to your future with optimism , excitement and confidence . Challenging times are now behind you and brighter times are ahead . Make your plans with the long view in mind . Envision your life the way you want it to be and take action in that direction . The expectations you create for yourself are planted in fertile soil , trust and follow your intuition because it’s right on target .

Call on archangel jophiel to help you celebrate your victories and stay optimistic about your future .

Your crystal of month is lemon quartz

Lemon Quartz gives you a sunny disposition that exudes vibrant warmth and a sense that everything actually is going to be okay. Lemon Quartz attracts the eye and lights up the sacral chakra, where we hold our sense of self-confidence. So, when doubts hang around like over-served party guests or cloud cover obstructs the bright light within, squeeze Lemon Quartz tight and get happy.

In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
ॐ I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
ॐ Namaste
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)

Jan ( angel falls )

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