Shine on

There are times you get lost but refuse to see your part in things , happens to everyone .. that something that feels familiar but sort of : off : If feeling confused , it’s best to throw away that map your using . Which only lets you navigate on past experiences , That isn’t what you need right now , instead take a deep breathe and open to source . A desire to stay in denial means that part of you doesn’t WANT to be responsible for the pattern that shows up in your life . Yes . This is the right time to wake up and start again . By the way , you will always get another chance — you have unlimited chances to start again ! We love you so much , we really do . Be gentle with yourself . Coming out of denial is like being temporarily blinded by the superbright lights—allow your eyes to adjust . Carry on . A beautiful life awaits .. Loving you so much .angels

Shine on

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