Ripples FLOW

On an energetic level our world is like a giant fish bowl. Our thoughts are like little fish. When a fish swims, it’s moving fins create ripples that flow throughout the bowl and are felt by all. In the same way, your thoughts create movement that affects and changes the balance of things around you. Energetically, we are all connected. We exist within once collective consciousness. Our thoughts, feelings and intentions are living energies. Therefore, each thought and intention you hold creates ripples that energetically affect all upon the Earth. Thoughts, feelings and intentions are the fabric and structure of our world. This means that we each, individually, have the power to change the world. This power stems not so much from what we try to do, but from the thoughts, feelings and intentions we carry. Remember, that thoughts and intentions are energy. They radiate our into the collective consciousness of our world.

Every intention you hold resonates to a particular vibration. Love, joy, hate, fear and so on all have a unique vibration. Each of these energies flows out into the world and becomes part of the collective consciousness of that particular thought field or vibration. Loving intentions join with all the love that exists in the world to create more love. Fearful thoughts join with all the fear that exists in the world to create more fear.

So, if you want to change the world, you must start with yourself. Only allow positive and loving thoughts about yourself, other people and the world to flourish. your intentions and thoughts are the greatest power you hold. Commit yourself to creating more love in our world!”*

The power of intention is not one to be taken for granted. Negative or positive, it can have a lasting impact on your life and those around you, in ways that you may or may not be aware of. Positive intentions can help to heal, inspire, grow and nurture. It strengthens the connection between us all and the Divine. Negative intention will backfire, causing havoc and boomerang effects, also known as Karma. We never know how long it will take for the boomerang to come back to us, keep intentions positive always . Love always . <> namaste🙏❤️

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