I just read that if we all knew what happened when we pass over, none of us would stay here, and that is why we opt for amnesia when we come in to this physical plane. This is reassuring news, but it also makes me realize how uneducated we are on the afterlife. We are shown movies where angry ghosts possess people’s bodies and seek revenge. We are shown sad stories of death, loss and devastation. But what if we could learn to revere death again? What if we saw the leaving of this plane as a right of passage to be truly celebrated. A sacred journey just as important, if not more so, than the one we are presently on?

When asked about passing on, I say that it’s like we have all decided to meet in Hawaii, but even better…. the only little glitch is that we are all taking different flights at different times. Some people get to go early and wait there, having so much fun swimming with the dolphins and turtles and playing with their angels in the surf. Some people have things to finish up here on Earth which could take a few years, but they will make it eventually. Everyone is happy, the pets are there to share in the joy and it’s all perfect and wonderful. No fear whatsoever.

When we can shed the fear of passing, we can fully embrace the power of being here in the now. We can appreciate the intricate connection we all have. We can see the purity of soul and spirit in ourselves and others. We can emerge ourselves in the physical world while we are here, knowing that we will ultimately reconnect with spirit in the end.

And so it is.


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