Push pause button on tape in your head

Slow down and BE in the present; allow yourself to release the fear and doubt and worry; push the pause button on the tape in your head. By doing so, you are embracing the possibility that there is another way to see things, as you acknowledge this; you immediately start the shift. The power and elevation you feel when you breathe fresh air in deeply; touch a beautiful tree, feel the pulse of the Earth beneath your feet. It’s all connected. We are all connected. 

The Universal power speaks to your soul of freedom, of receptivity and of Universal love and Divine wisdom. Everything we need is right here; if we choose to really see it. If we can taste the fresh air when we breathe deeply, we connect to the essence of life. If we can actually listen intently to what is going on around us we will hear the wind stirring up the trees; moving the energy around. Hear the birds, frogs and other creatures giving us their Divine messages. Be an integral part of all that is, not only as a witness, but as a participant. You are part of the energy of All That Is.

What are you going to do with that energy to make a difference?


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