We gladly join you

the human senses are satisfied when you can do small good deeds to help others, and some of those seemingly small things can magnify as they spread forward or inspire other actions.  We applaud those actions, and encourage the desire to do more that is ignited when they are successful.

            But, never forget the Power of Prayer, and of freely sharing with others who are ready and interested, the experiences you have had in the healings from the Presence of Spirit, and the adjustments for the Good in human s , Your individualized Soul reflection, and those of all, must grow in order for the true Heavenliness of Creation to unfold.    The charity of materialism is not sufficient.

So, yes, do Good Works, but also give time each day for prayer for all the world to open to the Love and Understanding of the Divine that is real Life.  More prayers are like a bigger funnel to let the Divine Adjustments pour in to the human experience.


                                    We gladly join you.  You are never praying alone.



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