Keep eyes wide open

If you were planning an errand to a nearby town, or a task done from a list, or a phone call , to be done upon the morrow, but you get a sudden inkling to take care of it right now, TODAY, then do it. As Universe/ Source swirls Its different Ideas about in place and time that can be Best for all, the willingness of the Ideas to adjust the details of their lives to God’s timing is important for Harmony to appear. As one of Ideas, you might delightfully find that changing your schedule because of an impulse from Divine Voice, creates extra reasons to rejoice in your day.

The resultant Joy might be very obvious, or you may need to keep your eyes open wide to see the Extra Good, or you may never know about the trouble you avoided by being a day ‘early’, but We assure you that learning to hear and heed suggestions is an asset in your experience of Life.


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