Do what you are meant to do

Learn to pause and carefully consider, “Do I want to say that word to someone?  Do I want to eat that thing?  Do I really want to own that object?  Do I indeed want to say no to that request?  Do I truly need to take that journey, or try that new activity, or take that person’s counsel?”  Ah, yes, it is important to explore your talents and contribute to the life of the world and the love of your surroundings , and to create, and give, and participate, but it is so important to do all these things with the constant support and whisper of Love. 

            Do what you are meant to do in this life, but do so not from thoughtless impulse, but with considered reflection, and calm certainty of Soul.


                                                                        We help and help again.  Just ask Us.


Art by LEIGH . J . Mc closkey



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