Understand what’s important to the SOUL of YOU

            When you are in the phases of complete focus on materialism, Wisdom will seem like a word that indicates the ability to secure more goods or money, or just how best to settle disputes about such matters.

 But as your discernment grows, and Wisdom comes to mean that you can understand what is really important to the Soul of you, your priorities and choices will change indeed.  Your willingness to set aside old ways and pursuits will expand, and the support of, or focus on, endeavors that seemed so crucial before will change.  As these unfoldings of new insight come into your heart, trust, as ever, that Divine Spirit can and will Guide you in the Truth of them, and in whatever prayerful or hands-on contributions you can make as your part of the earth tale.


           the time of pure Wisdom flowing is a very good period of life.  Don’t miss it by trying to recreate younger interludes.  Welcome it, with open and ready heart.


                                                                                    As ever, with you,


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