Magical changes

What is your initial reaction to the word “change”? Is it fear or excitement? Is it hope, joy and optisimsm, or is it dread? Remembering that we draw into our lives what it is that we “want” to create, having a positive and high vibrational view of change is definitely, in my opinion, a good thing. Change is good! Change gets you out of ruts, out of old thinking, out of complecency and the mundane. Change brings with it higher consciousness and higher vibration; if you let it. 

So how can you prepare yourself for change in a positive and receptive way? You can use affirmations, prayer, and steady action steps towards your desires; even if they scare you! You can breathe, talk to the Angels, ask for support from the Divine, the Ascended Masters and Gaia, Mother Earth. You are always, without exception, fully and unconditionally loved and accepted by the Divine. Change is like a tsunami when you fight it, it takes you by storm whether you are ready or not! Opening up, living from your heart, accepting yourself and having faith in the Divine to guide you will soften the journey. Have fun with it. Look for signs, see the messages, feel the nudges before you need a shove in the right direction.. know there is magical things gs coming always > namaste ✨🧚🏾‍♀️🙏❤️

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