The ancestors will come

Share your feelings with your ancestors by speaking to them, either silently or out loud. You can even write it all down if that feels right to you. Pour your heart out knowing that you are unconditionally accepted. That nothing you share is being judged. That even the details that may make you feel petty or selfish are fine. There is no reason to hold back. As for perspective. Ask for a shift in perspective. Ask for self acceptance. Ask for light to be shed on the highest path.

Then listen carefully. Open heart and open mind. Surrendering to what comes, not trying to control it. Not trying to direct the outcome to be what you want, but sitting back and letting the guidance come.

Watch for signs. See the synchronicity. Acknowldege the messages. The ancestors; your ancestors; will come to guide you. They may come in elemental form. Maybe as your animal or spirit guide or totem. They may appear in your dreams with a solution, or assist you in seeing things from a different angle. They may send an article or book, a television show or movie. Just be willing to gratefully accept the guidance that is coming, as in accepting it, you open the channel of communication to receive more.

Know that everything you need is within you, it is really just a matter of coaxing it out.

The ancients, in whatever form they take, will assist you with unconditional love and support.


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