Universe has your back

You may be feeling a little melancholy as you transition from one phase of your life to the next. This is OK, there is nothing wrong with experiencing sadness as you shuffle through your fondest memories. Allow each memory to share it’s light with you, filling you with love and light, then release it back into the past without clinging on. We block ourselves when we are so fearful of new experiences that we hang on to the old ones. Know that even though you may have had some wonderful times behind you, you will have equally amazing or even better on the path ahead of you. 

We are constantly experiencing life in cycles. Birth, growth, death. Seed, flower, fruit, harvest. Idea, creation, fruition. Where you are at now in your life is also a part of a cycle. You may have been trying to stay in a part of the cycle that felt safe to you, prolonging it out of fear of the new, but life is spurring you on to the next phase of the cycle. Ready or not, here it comes! Remember that often what feels like loss ends up being gain in the end. Trust in the Divine Timing and know that flowing with the river rather than frantically swimming against it will bring you to exactly where you need to be right now.

Be gentle with yourself and know that the Universe will provide. It is up to you to be receptive right now. Surrender to change and allow the Universe to surprise you with opportunities, people and everything that you need in order to move forward. 

Today you can allow yourself to be immersed in memory, go ahead and curl up with your emotions. 

Tomorrow it is time to step forward into the new, releasing the past and carrying yourself with confidence and grace.

You can do this.

The Universe has your back.


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