We remind you again that the overlapping human stories you have created for yourselves are all ephemeral overlays on a Unified Divine Creation of Spirit and Truth.  The overlap of the circles of appearance and experience and sensory input is part of why so many choose to walk with Love through the illusions even after they themselves have awakened enough to realize the illusions can be shaken off.

            When you realize that only a haze of false information or beliefs keeps one from feeling the constant Calm and Joy, then there is such an urge to help others See.  Respect their individual timing of awakening, and the method and form, always knowing the Divine Mind knows the best gentle way for that one. 

            But do not underestimate what a glorious Light can shine through you and help shorten the time of sorrow and hypnotic disempowerment for another, especially those that have their stories overlapping with your human tale.  Just obey the Loving Guide within, as you shine, shine, shine, shine.



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