Call of the wolf

Wolf is a powerful Ally when we are finding our way to our Soul path. When we waiver or lose confidence, wolf is there to lead us forward fearlessly, and back to the protection and security of the pack. If you have been feeling like a “lone wolf” lately, ask Wolf to lead you to your pack; your Soul Tribe. This is a powerful time to co-create with others who have the same focus and intentions as we do. What we could create alone can be amplified with the powerful energy of a group of focused individuals.

It is important for us as humans to feel that we belong, and this is the perfect time . If you have been feeling lonely, frightened and like you don’t fit in, that is all about to change…. if you allow the change to take place. Watch for like minded people, as they are coming your way in the very near future; use your instincts and intuition to recognize them. 

In the mean time, take the advice of The Call of the Wolf! Clean, reorganize and declutter your world. Out with the old, making space with the new. And don’t forget to discard all those old belief systems while you are at it!


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