Wonderful month of July ALL ‘

As we move into this move we are asked to look what changes we have already made ‘ we are already through the first half of this year ‘ phew ,here lots of changes have happened for the better of course ,

Remember there is a certain comfort in the idea of living a better life without surprises, the status quo has an appeal, remember though if your circumstances stay the same you will never learn to grow , we require things to change ,

You have chosen to incarnate into this physical dimension called earth because of the myriad of opportunities , if you don’t take advantage of them , what was the point ?

Staying within your comfort zone is sometimes a little overrated , with changes comes transformations which with transformations comes evolution.

when you stop viewing changes as good or bad , and don’t equate with lack of control, all changes nourish the soul.

Life happens . And is supposed too happen , but you can direct how it plays out , remember you have the power to accept a change that redirects your path .

guides are here to say, walk away from a situation that has no more life in it , Wether this is a dead end job . A relationship that has run its course , or a pattern of behaviour in you that’s no longer getting you what you want , recognise what isn’t working any more ,

There are times in life when this game or circumstances come to a natural end , some beyond control. Guardian angels surround as this reality of this dead end situation settles in , when you feel all is lost they comfort you , good news is they say the worse has already occurred in the first half of year and soon a new day will dawn , admit defeat because the sooner you do the sooner real gifts you seek will appear from all the right sources.

A time is coming up in this second half of year for celebrations , reunions , graduations , all on the horizon , have more fun and start to relax , there is happy conclusions all round , time to throw that party and take a vacation yayyy .

This month too you will be rewarded with more contentment ,peace and abundance , freedom of success has afforded you a deep feeling of satisfaction, now you have managed to navigate through obstacles to a place that you can be proud of .

Peace and harmony can be finally established .

Enjoy these blessings , remember too that always you are a manifesting master , there will always be ENOUGH of EVERYTHING that you need in life , whatever you need guidance about have faith and stay open to the many ways in which you will experience , SPIRIT is the source of your supply !

the universe is always reflecting back to you what you believe so whenever you fall into insecurity , you will be shown an illusion as if your fear were real , the truth is in fact that that the universe is abundant , you are and always have been enough and abundance IS your natural state .

If you can imagine something consistently as truth , you can and WILL create it .

You are so on the right path , remember this and the seeing happens .

Always remember you are deeply loved and profoundly lovable , you are a sacred vessel for love to flow through you , the creator is love and in your essence , so are you . Trust any messages of the heart and follow them , even if they are at odds with your mind , angels and guides are communicating with you , listen to their soft whispers .

Let your heart lead you forwards always ,

Life is full of changes and surprises, your guidance is to move with the current , for it is resisting the flow which creates problems .

Ask your angels to help you open your mind and heart to new ideas and free options ,

When you are certain of the possibility that there are other ways previously unseen , doorways will be open to you and you will move easily through change .

There is a solution to every problem , so look at all things with eyes of love and expectation, then life-force will flow freely through you , you will feel more healthy and alive and can access the necessary resources and wisdom within yourself to help you through change .

Namaste ✨🙏❤️


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