One mind ., one heart

            We know how often you practice the prayer when someone is tailgating you in traffic and you wish they would pull back, or when there is confusion in a check-out line and you silently call on Us to settle the squabble and/or guide you to a different line.  We have seen you joyously thank God as you see the improved situation, or the other car drop safely back


            You so easily and willingly call on the Truth of “One Mind Governs all” in these situations, Do not forget to use that same Truth when in seeming turmoil with family members or good friends, with whom you have more of an emotional attachment.  Try to set aside the surface human emotions, and go for the deeper Loving Truth.  The Truth works for strangers, and the Truth works for kin.  Remember to use the Truth, Use It in every situation.


            “One Loving Mind Governs All


                        Trust that One Mind, one heart , Love as It Loves, and watch It Work,


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