Angelite Crystal/ stone

You don’t need Angelite to communicate with your angels, but it is definitely helpful! It’s kind of like switching from dial up to high speed internet, it just brings things in quickly, with clarity, sound and full colour. It is particularly useful for those who tend to suffer from doubt; wanting to communicate, yet not trusting that what they are getting is, in fact, from the angels. (yes, I know we all do this occasionally!) It’s a beautiful, calming, soothing stone which gently guides us towards inner peace. And although it holds the key to communication with the Angelic realm, there is also a deep connection to Mother Mary here; when you wear or hold an Angelite, your Soul can hear her whispering words of encouragement to your heart and you can feel her wrapping you in her warm embrace. 

Try holding an Angelite in your left hand during meditation, or placing one either on the Throat Chakra or just touching the Crown Chakra at the top of your head. It can be worn on the left side in a bracelet or at the throat in a pendant. If carrying Angelite, place it in a soft pouch as it is a soft stone and can be easily damaged. Angelite also does well put under your pillow and will assist you to find patterns, signs and answers in your dream state, increasing lucid dreaming and safe astral travel. It can be found in most metaphysical shops and should be quite affordable as it is considered a semi precious, not precious stone. As Angelite is soft, it is recommended not to use water or salt water to cleanse and clear, but rather to put it out under the full and new moon, or out in the sun for just a few minutes. Reiki can also be used to clear and charge the stone.


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