Follow the light that lifts your heart

There are so many wonderful opportunities coming; it is just a matter of allowing ourselves to see and accept them from the Universe. This is a clear message to release the past in order to make room for your bright future. It is time to let go of past mistakes or let-downs in order to open your heart to the abundance and joy waiting for you. It also means releasing all fear and doubt that you have been blocked by; this low density energy has been holding you back and must be cleared in order to move forward. Breathe deeply. Let it all go.

Trust that you are capable of committing to what is being offered to you now; even if you have tried it in the past and it didn’t work out the way you had hoped. You are being given another chance; a brand new chance at beginning your life again in a whole new direction. Follow the light that lifts up your heart, it will not lead you astray.


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