Deep knowing

Each of us has a team of guides and angels surrounding us at all times, yet we often feel so alone! This is part of the veil of the “Big Forget,” which we agreed to when we came here. In the past, we felt that since cannot “see” them, we don’t believe in them… but all that is changing. Many of us have a deep knowing about our angels and guides. We can feel their presence in other ways. We can use our powers of clarivoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance to connect and communicate with this amazing group of beings. And this includes the heavy hitters, such as the ferocious beasts which serve to protect us from all harm. The dogs, and dragons and wolves, the bears and lions and eagles. They are here to teach us wisdom, but they are also our fearless protectors, and can be called to when we are feeling vulnerable, unsafe, threatened or even under attack.

Call if you need them, they are particularly close right now, which means there may be a person or situation which has caught their acute senses. You may not be aware of it yet… but this is a message to be aware, not judgmental, just very observant. Call for help when you need it.

And they listen. They assist. In love and light, for the highest good.

And so it is.

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