Be grateful for gifts in YOUR life

What if the spiritual journey that matters most is to be completely at rest in our hearts? We’ve all done this at times, while walking in a forest, looking at the moon, watching the sun rise, listening to the ocean or birds singing, playing with children.

In those moments we were deeply at peace, totally connected with the beauty of the present moment. Everything seemed perfect, we had a feeling of oneness with life, Nature and the Universe.

What if that’s all we each need to do, to be more conscious, loving, happy and wise?

The most important place to be is right where we are. To realise there is nothing we must get or find, nothing complicated we have to do.

The most important journey we need to make is to look deep within. We will go in circles, always feeling incomplete and off balance, until we give up searching outwardly.

Be grateful for all the gifts in your life. Live with your heart open. That’s where the deepest peace, love and happiness are found.

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