Take time out

Right within your own Consciousness IS the Consciousness of Light , It is the Life and Soul that IS expressing your individuality.  Under the clouds of your ephemeral human concerns, and material cravings, and fears or annoyances, IS the steady Light of Divine Calm, and Love, and Knowledge and Purpose.

            It is an immense gift to yourself to practice taking active refuge in that Consciousness, and to claim all as your own to use.  It does not mean you are hiding from the shared challenges of the world, or the needs of your family and yourself.  It means you are establishing a Spiritual foundation which is built on the Infinite resources that can support your creative efforts and solutions, and supply your generous giving and receiving in Harmony.

            Take frequent time out in the Divine Consciousness that is the basis of you, Stand firm on that strong rock of Truth, and you will be a wonderful part of the Greater Good.


                                                            Holding our sheltering wings of Thought over you,

                                                                                                            Wing bumps


3 thoughts on “Take time out

  1. Beautiful soul, I have nominated you for the sunshine blogger award – check my latest post. Thank you for shinning your light and brighten my days. In the light, Susana*


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