Breathe universal love

. Each day we are infused with as much  Light as our physical bodies can handle. Stop for a moment, close your eyes and breathe this Universal Love in. See or feel the Light come down and enter right through your crown chakra at the top of your head. Feel it move down through your etheric and physical bodies, filling every cell with Light, burning away any stagnantcy, blockages or old dense energy. See the light go straight out through your feet and into Mother Gaia. See this very same channeling of light come down through each person, creature, plant and tree until we are all connected by the Light. As this is our destiny, to be one with the Universe and one with the Earth; one fragment of Light connected to All That Is. 

When we connect in this way, anything becomes possible. Manifestation is no longer a struggle as everything becomes within reach. The portals of light opened between us and the Universe removes the veil of The Big Forget. It allows us to remember our power, our Path. We can then reach, with our body, mind and spirit; thoughts, emotions and breath; into the unmanifest realms and create anything we wish to create.

Opportunity is here; embrace it with your wild imagination. 

See the magic everywhere.

And so it is.


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