Shine on

We know that many believe that it is too hard, or too constricting, to vow to themselves to always listen to the Source first, and to take time throughout the day to do this. That false belief that it is too hard, or that they are too unworthy, or that they are not trained enough, is just another trick of the ‘monkey-mind’ that would try to stay focused on its own little world of limits and errors.

We know the Truth, that it is liberating and calmly Joyous to be aligned with Love, It is simple to do. Just choose it. You know this Truth too. You know It and follow It on most days. Remember how much wonderful influence you can have by simply being of one who endeavors to pause and listen to Us ,

And, remember how completely grateful is the Whole of Heaven when you do so.

Every moment of Calm Joy and Trust is a moment of Heavenly existence revealed, and We cannot thank you enough when you let this shine through you.


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